Artist Spotlight

Fana Hues


    Hailing from Pasadena, CA, Fana Hues was born and raised into a musical family. Having started her singing and performing career in her family's band, she launched her first music single in 2020. "Notice Me" was a debut music single inspired by her upbringing. In the same year her debut album "Hues" was released. "Lay Up" was the 2nd single from the debut album which was titled "Album Of The Year"  Fana rose to stardom in 2021 after being featured on Tyler, the Creator Grammy award-winning albumCall Me If You Get Lost.[1]  

In the album titled "Hues", Fana unpacks and breaks down the stages of grief, in all its shades. Intuitive, powerhouse vocals run and repeats over entrancing, soulful production etching the process of grief. The Sophomore follow up album "flora + fana (deluxe)" released in November of 2022 upon its original release in March of 2022 takes the listener to another dimension sonically. The 2nd album "flora + fana" maintains a soulful/alternative R&B vibration, giving it more of a "Grown & Sexy" feel. Explore both albums in their entirety and allow Fana Hues to change the dynamic of your perception of the soul and R&B music genres. Click here for music video of "BAD bad" by Fana Hues featured on the 2nd album release "flora + fana".

Ju Jilla (Chicago)

Ju Jilla is a Hip Hop artist hailing from the south side of Chicago (90th & Ashland). Although he’s been rapping since fourteen years of  age, he's loved hip hop forever. With his lyrical prowess and witty lines, Jilla not only displays his skills, but also his ability to illustrate well-lived real life scenarios in his music and videos from his perspective as a Chicagoan and life in the city of modern day Chicago. You can find his musical works and more by subscribing to his YouTube channel (Ju Jilla). Also, follow him on IG; @gymshoeju to experience his story and musical movement. I doubt you’d be disappointed. Support this dope Chicago artist.

uRafa (Chicago)

uRafa is a DJ & artist from Chicago, IL. He also specializes in Hip-Hop, House, Experimental, Rock & World music production respectfully. uRafa is a high energy, eclectic rapper that loves to rock crowds & entertain whether it’s a small or huge venue.


The TMRW PPl (Denver, CO)

The TMRW PPL are a Denver-based duo combining Hip-Hop, Soul, and Live production into an immersive performance. The collective features: Parris Fleming on trumpet, live production, and vocals (Harry Styles Touring Band), and Isaac Teel on Drums & Vocals (TAUK). 

Elton Aura (Chicago)

Stationed in LA but from the out skirts of Chicago in the Fox Valley. Elton has made a name for himself within Chicago but now growing nationally and internationally. His sound is a mixture of hiphop, soul, alternative r&b. In 2019 he opened for Noname for her Room 25 tour after the release of his Ep Elevated. In 2022 he released his second solo project VertEGO followed by another tour with LA LA LA LA.