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Playing All Of The Best In Indie Hip Hop, Modern Soul and R&B

"Where Indie Legends Never Die"

Thank you all for tuning into one of many Las Vegas local internet music radio stations that plays all of the best in independent Hip-Hop, Modern Soul, and R&B. As a token of our appreciation, we provide free concert ticket giveaways as well as digital ticket vouchers for live after party events hosted at OTR (On The Record). We enjoy assisting cultural growth on a more artsy level and in doing so, participating with other local aesthetics here in the metropolitan Las Vegas area. One of many goals is to assist in promoting other independent businesses with marketing and promoting their brand(s). This helps to build a stronger community among local businesses. We also assist in promoting musical artist(s) locally, and abroad. Help make us your number one online music radio station. Melodious Radio FM; "Where Indie Legends Never Die".

The Melodious Experience:

                   Fusion Live Music Series

This is an indie movement that will cover all aspects of multimedia arts and entertainment.  The Launch will include live music performances from various indie artists, showcase displays of visual artists and more...STAY TUNED! Melodious Radio FM "Where Indie Legends Never Die"...

Hip Hop Indie Music

Hip Hop Indie Music launched in June 2017; Our site is one of the largest growing independent hip-hop blogs on the internet today! The blog is paving the way to give the world Indie Hip-Hop; R'n'B-related content. We give our fans new hip-hop material like music videos, singles, albums/mixtapes, interviews, reviews, and many more. Our mission is to motivate as many young music creators as possible from coast-to-coast. This site lets real fans stay engaged and updated with the latest music in the independent hip-hop scene.

Tweak Central Lounge Radio

Tweak Central Lounge Radio broadcasts on  THURSDAYS 4p-6p PST/ 6p-8p CST hosted by Drunken Monkeee better known as DJ M’BAKU

Money City Radio Presents: Ear 2 Da Streets

That's right, A P is BACK on a solo mission bringing you music from newer indie talent and beyond. "EAR 2 DA STREETS" launches 12/31/2023 N.Y.E. and will continue to air EVERY FRIDAY  from 5p-7p PST right here on Melodious Radio FM "Where Indie Legends Never Die"

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First and foremost Advancement By Involvement is a mindset.  By far and away the best way to get ahead in life, both professionally and personally, is to get involved. Stop waiting around for your calling. Stop looking for your niche to make an impact on the world around you. Get involved today and the relationships you build, and the opportunities your impact creates, will guide you to your ultimate calling. 


Advancement by Involvement is a grassroots non-profit that aims to support its network of non-profit partners, small business teammates and the communities they serve by bridging the gap between resources and target population. Specifically by hosting events that promote community engagement, shine a spotlight on local non-profits, and provide a very necessary stream of revenue for local artists, small businesses and sole proprietors. The goal of Advancement by Involvement is to create opportunities for entrepreneurs, influencers and community advocates to expand their network, build their vision and ultimately achieve their dreams. 

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What is it that you all do at Melodious Radio FM?

What type of field work are you all doing for the community?

Marketing & Promotion for Indie & Grass Roots Companies


  Here at Melodious Radio FM (M R FM), we provide the best quality of service an indie internet radio company could provide. Including services such as:

Hand to Hand PR (Public Relations)

On Air Radio Promotions and Advertisements (24-7)

Live Promotion and Advertisement at our live Musical events.

Online Marketing and Promotion (Sponsored)


And so many more networking services integrated with our line of business in the Marketing/Promotion industry..


Multi-facet Marketing & Promotional Advertising

We take pride in connecting with the people we're doing business with. As well as the potential customers that are interested in their products, services, or otherwise..

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